NUP is changing it’s name to Wood Treatment – NUP A/S (NUP)

Rörvik Timber has sold its sales agency Niels Ulrich Pedersen Timber A/S to Wood Treatment AB, with Kim Hansen continuing as CEO.

The new owners have acquired the stocks of the company, and thus the company will continue under the same VAT number and will take over the commitments held at the time of takeover.

NUP will henceforth be included as sales agency in the Wood Treatment AB group, which currently consists of Alvesta AB, Hestra AB, Solberga AB and now NUP A/S.

Wood Treatment A/B is a company specialized within planing, drying, impregnation, fire resistance and is the owner of excellent storage facilities. It is one of Swedens largest enterprises specializing in impregnation. Wood Treatment will continue to produce for other companies as well as for NUP.

Under the new owners NUP A/S will continue to acquire and sell timber and biofuels as well as items from JABO. The assortment will gradually be extended within the categories at which Wood Treatment excel.

The sale of Niels Ulrich Pedersen Trælast A/S is part of Rörvik Timbers plan for dissolving the group.
The final takeover will happen as soon as all permits are in place.

Should you have any questions pertaining the takeover you are welcome to contact:

Rörvik Timber AB – Per Rodert + 46 705931145

Wood Treatment – NUP A/S – Kim Hansen + 45 40759944

Wood Treatment AB – Karl Haraldsson + 46 370568099